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A Home Medicines Review is a consumer-focused collaborative service used to assist the quality use of medicines. 

The HMR involves a GP consultation to generate the referral, and a pharmacist interview with the patient (it is preferable that this occurs in the patient's home), and a clinical assessment by the pharmacist and a written report back to the GP.

An HMR will provide comprehensive, up-to-date information about the medicines, complementary products, over-the-counter medicines, devices and other prescriptions being used by a patient. 

A patient will receive assistance with medications, aids and devices to improve compliance, and early detection and management of medicine-related problems.

GPs are able to participate in the Home Medicines Review program designed to improve the quality use of medicines by patients in the community. 

A Home Medicines Review (HMR) is a Government funded, consumer-focused, collaborative service involving both GPs and community pharmacists.

The process (Medicare Item 900) involves two consultations for the GP; one to identify potential patients and arrange the procedure, and a second consultation after the pharmacist’s visit and report to discuss the findings and implement any action. It also requires the GP and Pharmacist to discuss the clinical report, where appropriate. A copy of the Medication Management Plan is provided to the patient and the community pharmacy.

HMR Accreditation

An accredited pharmacist is:

  • An experienced pharmacist who has undertaken specified education programs or examinations, approved by the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP) or the Society of Hospital Pharmacist Australia (SHPA.
  • Continuing specified professional education and re-accreditation.


The HMR service is not available to in-patients of a hospital, day hospital facility or care recipients in residential aged-care facilities.

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