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17th November  2017 - *TGA RECALL* - Additional batches of APO-Perindopril
A further eight batches of APO-Perindopril have been recalled. Please be vigilant!
See <> for more information.
  14th November 2017 - Successful Accreditation
Well done to McKenzie Sutton Park in Victoria for a successful accreditation. Rest assured, with Mederev, the medication management component of accreditation is fully and comprehensibly managed so that you will never be caught off guard.
13th November 2017 - New Education Topic
New Nursing Practice education topic “Administration of Sachet Medications” is available. Please also note there is an updated list of available education topics. Please contact your Mederev Consultant pharmacist to obtain a list or to arrange a time to have any of the topics presented at your facility.
  12th November  2017 - *TGA RECALL* - APO-PERINDOPRIL
Please be wary that TGA has issued a recall on three batches of a commonly used anti-hypertensive; Apo-Perindopril Arginine 2.5 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg tablets. If you notice this brand being used for any of your patients, please contact your supply pharmacy immediately. 


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