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Mederev has a package which provides : -

  • Initial medication audit of the ACF including charts, storage, DAA, Drug of Addiction recording, communication, Policy and Procedures and staff competencies.
  • Policy and Procedure formalisation.
  • Medication Incident Management and reporting.
  • Supply Pharmacy management and training when needed including information on the latest IT information on products.
  • Dose Administration Aid advisory and monitoring service.
  • Total RMMR service with clinical notes.
  • MAC attendances with RMMR OUTCOME REPORTS.
  • GP involvement via GP division relationship building.
  • Collaborative medication reviews with the GP's.
  • Case conferencing.
  • Education, Newsletters & Policy and Procedure Operating System Modules including Resident Outings, Handling of Cytotoxic Medication, Warfarin Management.
  • Information on the latest products around medication i.e. In house INR machines and links to Warfarin treatment.
  • Imprest licence management if required.
  • A Mederev folder to ensure compliance & formalised structure.
  • An IT option linking Dr/Facility and Pharmacy.
  • Pharmtrack software product to track all medication deliveries between Pharmacy and ACF.
  • Drug of Addiction IT software to track all S8's at facility eliminating hours of checking.
  • Accreditation support.


Mederev provides online training for facilities. This training is available as individual modules and is available for facility staff to do in their own time.  

As at May 2018 over 229,000 Training Courses have been assigned to Aged Care Facility staff who use the Mederev system.


Currently services and systems in Medication Management are often disjointed with lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities and confusion as to what works in what environment.


The Future

Mederev have developed new IT products for the aged and community care to maximise medication safety and embrace IT technology.


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